admin WebSites is the companion to the TravelMates app. Sporting the new .earth extension recently released, matches the spirit of the app. The web site highlights all the TravelMates app features and also answer a lot of the frequently asked questions. Based on user feedback, a forum may be added.

admin WebSites is a dba for Flying Squirrel LLC (our company). It is a pilot and flight attendant listing website where employers can search for a flight crewmember based on their needs and contact them to see whether they are available to provide their services. The site runs on an annual subscription basis.

MidAmerica Charters

admin WebSites

When MidAmerica Charters contacted us to design their website and enhance their presence, we were in disbelief! So we put our heads together, rolled our sleeves up and delivered a product that we can proudly say it’s flying squirrel worthy!