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Aviation Inspired iOS Apps.


Apps built to assist you with your aviation needs.


Perfect companion apps to your flight kit

Some of our apps are designed to complement your flight kit with resources that can be used in every day flying of in preparation for training.



Our support forums are there to answer any questions you may have, or to post your own experiences with Flying Squirrel apps.


Auto Updates

Content updates are completely automated and done over the air, with no need to update the app for new content. Just start the app and it will take care of the rest for you

Keeping you current with the knowledge you need to operate your aircraft safely and efficiently.

Web interface for our QRA apps.

We've incorporated a new web interface for our QRA apps, where you can build your flashcards online and import them in the app, making it easier and faster for you to start your flashcard review.


Only Need to Know Content.

Nothing but aviation apps.

That's all we do!

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